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We've had a lot of investigation and review to ensure the integrity of the department wasn't breached," she said. They are bad systems, but not bad people."City auditors gave a preliminary report Monday to City Council's community development committee. The full audit will be completed in about two weeks, officials said. credit contract valuationa number of users have also found that their current landlords have an increased willingness to sell these same smaller buildings to them instead of taking the risk associated with finding a new and possibly elusive tenant.

Among the changes ordered by Lemmie, the department's staff is undergoing training by the National Development Council and others, and staffers are routinely tested. Staff members also are required to prepare a written analysis and funding recommendation for each project, and a loan review committee tracks all money disbursed by the department.

Lemmie is seeking Council's guidance on a plan to realign the department into five teams or strike forces," each responsible for a different area in the city. The realignment recognizes that to be most responsive to neighborhoods, we need to be out in neighborhoods," said Assistant City Manager Deborah Holston. Holston is a former U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development official hired by Lemmie last year to help streamline the department.

I like the strike force approach," said Council Member Laketa Cole. "In the past, we had the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing. In 2004, the department had an annual budget of $56.5 million, with 38 percent derived from federal sources.

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