Need to know about property valuation before selling home
Tepid business conditions have caused many manufacturing and warehousing companies to move quite cautiously, resulting in weakened leasing activity. A major trend was a decrease in leasing activity as a result of users seeking out buying opportunities to capitalize on low interest rates. This activity was primarily prevalent in the smaller space categories ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 square feet.

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In some cases, recommendations for changes made 10 years ago were never implemented. Also, the department's problems were worsened by high staff turnover and the lack of a clear operations manual. There were conflicting missions and conflicting directions," said Mark Ashworth, the city's internal auditor.

You should contribute time and money on experienced property valuers as The lack of a permanent director certainly contributed to the uncertainty, and the lack of focus and direction for the department," Ashworth added. Functions within the department appeared to operate in isolation, officials said, and staffers weren't completing all state and local regulatory requirements for projects.

The City Council ordered the audit in August 2003 after several costly blunders by the department, including giving $184,000 to an inexperienced developer for renovating a vacant Over-the-Rhine theater. Instead, LaShawn Pettus-Brown skipped town with the cash and eventually was arrested by the FBI in New York earlier this year.